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I think I should clarify something due to a misunderstanding. This post goes over me discussing why I think Spike is showed as regressed and what I would change with some small mention regarding the sex incident.

I see current Spike as someone who is at least secure about his soul and why he needs it, if only because of Angel season 5 and Angel After the Fall (and perhaps that would be the only thing he would be secure about). Gage made too much about the soul about Buffy and not about Spike. Spike at this point, I feel, would be more insecure about who he is in general and if he could find someone else to love him. Again, it’s just too much about being good for Buffy and having a soul for Buffy instead of Spike being more focused on who he is and how to get passed his feelings for Buffy. I view Spike as someone who isn't good just for Buffy now, he has developed his own sense of altruism independent of Buffy.

When Faith tries to apologize for not thinking about his soul? I would be understanding and, personally, would have appreciated something of a reply regarding him not having a soul as him being more "fun/interesting" but then turn around and say he wasn’t that much of a threat without a soul. He wasn’t anything special (him being insecure about even being a bad guy, because it still makes it out to be about Buffy, because Buffy gave into to Twangel, but also underlines things that are bugging him about himself and Spikes own Angel issues). It doesn’t mention anything about people liking him without the soul, which I find more so regressive and does not account for his first hand experience with Buffy in season 7 (especially now that Angel was the biggest bad to have ever bad, he'd probably doubt even how bad he could be soulless.)

The Angel basement scene? I’d envision something instead of “It worked for you” to something regarding Angel making huge makes, being a big bad villain, and being an idiot for even believing Twilight and trying to kill him (basically nitpicking at Angel’s mistakes and relying some truth). Though he’d break down and say that he can’t believe Angel can just continue on, as strong and sure of himself as ever, with the same righteousness that Angel always had. Again, less about Buffy, more about the dynamic between Spike and Angel. Then maybe say something like "that’s probably why Buffy prefers you." I’m fine with that line about not being able to get over Buffy and be on his own, because I feel that is close to where he is.

If Spike was anywhere near depicted like the above (and probably refined) in Angel and Faith, I wouldn't have any real issues with it, though I’d still dislike Harmony sex (but would have loved to see Spike being picked up by a girl at a bar, because, again, I think that adds to his story -by showing him that he does have other options- better than sex with a person he doesn’t respect and who doesn't have a soul. Also, the text doesn't tell us that they are friends, or that Spike is treating Harmony better, or that she is over him, or that she is indeed not killing. We don't know that for sure. Because these things are not in the text is why I have a huge problem with it being Harmony. If the text stated that, instead it just being Gage's headcanon, then yeah, I'd have less issues. So I believe the execution of it was utterly horrible).


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Apr. 15th, 2013 11:03 am (UTC)
I agree on everything. I also think that Gage's portrayal was horrible.
Apr. 16th, 2013 04:06 am (UTC)
Thank you! It was really horrible! I'm just glad Gage won't be writing Spike for awhile now. Though, at this point they can have Spike do the macarena in a blue man suit and I wouldn't really care.
Apr. 15th, 2013 01:15 pm (UTC)
You know what just occurred to me while reading this? Isn't Clem in love with Harmony? And isn't it against the bro code or something to sleep with the person your friend's in love with? The whole thing is just distasteful.
Apr. 16th, 2013 04:09 am (UTC)
Oh, my...!! You're right! Ugh, another thing on top of this disaster. Poor Clem! Poor Spike!
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